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  Thread: PlatinumQuest
Post: RE: PlatinumQuest

just installed the game again, can anyone link me to fast air tricks or upload them? game just doesnt feel smooth without them :P
Psycho Off-Topic 42 9,840 12-30-2017, 02:18
  Thread: Hello fagits
Post: RE: Hello fagits

we should definitely meet ingame sometime u fags #nostalgia
Psycho Players 20 4,788 04-30-2016, 09:09
  Thread: cant play online
Post: RE: cant play online

people still play thps3? nice
Psycho Problems 36 4,710 02-01-2016, 23:48
  Thread: cant see any servers
Post: cant see any servers

first off i dunno if this topic is ok-ish in the thps-section, if its not pls move to the correct one, ty in advance; i downloaded the new openspy thingy and i can connect w/o problems to the server,...
Psycho THPS 21 4,343 09-08-2015, 19:44
  Thread: The Mall manual challenge
Post: RE: The Mall manual challenge

nice to see that this is still an active thing xD
Psycho Other Challenges 17 2,955 09-04-2015, 17:15
  Thread: T2 DL link??? any1??
Post: RE: T2 DL link??? any1??

^ maddie cause baddie?
Psycho THPS 5 1,537 09-04-2015, 04:39
  Thread: T2 DL link??? any1??
Post: T2 DL link??? any1??

first off i dont even know if i'm allowed to ask for the game due to copyright n shit but i really wanna play that god damn game again but i dont wanna torrent nor download 20 fkn parts, can any1 uplo...
Psycho THPS 5 1,537 09-03-2015, 20:16
  Thread: Opinion about THPS5
Post: RE: Opinion about THPS5

i laughed my ass off so bad when i watched this.. he has a point, and he's right about it, great video!
Psycho THPS 4 1,622 08-27-2015, 15:10
  Thread: THPS5 Soundtrack
Post: RE: THPS5 Soundtrack

i'll try my best to come online next week, im at a fucking hotel right now and i cant play any onlinegames with this fucking network, everything seems blocked :D (08-27-2015 01:13)JeZ0 Wrote:  ...
Psycho News 10 3,128 08-27-2015, 15:09
  Thread: THPS5 Soundtrack
Post: RE: THPS5 Soundtrack

first off, i can't believe that you guys are still active, big fucking props! but thps5.. meh.. it doesnt look like the typical THPS games at all and I don't really like the soundtrack either tbh but ...
Psycho News 10 3,128 08-26-2015, 18:53
  Thread: Coming soon. Oh wait...
Post: RE: Coming soon. Oh wait...

if u still need ppl 2 test 'em i'm up 4 dat
Psycho Videos 12 1,459 06-02-2015, 18:51
  Thread: To the Punk/Metal/Alternative/Music Fellows
Post: RE: To the Punk/Metal/Alternative/Music Fellows

fucking kickass stuff, especially that last shout in the very end, im so proud of you pirat <3
Psycho Off-Topic 15 6,948 05-05-2015, 14:11
  Thread: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November
Post: RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November

(11-27-2014 19:32)Day Wrote:  woops missed it, but who cares ahahah
Psycho News 73 10,618 12-04-2014, 11:28
  Thread: Contact
Post: RE: Contact

theres a THPS group on steam, not sure where tho
Psycho Players 16 3,568 10-24-2014, 22:44
  Thread: TH3 Reunion 2014 sign-up!!
Post: RE: TH3 Reunion 2014 sign-up!!

sounds good imho, i'll install once we have a date
Psycho News 100 15,968 10-24-2014, 22:39
  Thread: ¿are saying?
Post: RE: ¿are saying?

i dont even play this game anymore tbqh but i gotta agree that it's pretty important to learn and speak english, i mean its pretty freakin annoying when u tryna talk to any of those guys and no1 seems...
Psycho THPS 7 1,309 10-05-2014, 10:50
  Thread: Normal/MG NM - Suburbia
Post: RE: Normal/MG NM - Suburbia

that was fuckin sexy.
Psycho Videos 29 3,756 08-22-2014, 13:33
  Thread: War?
Post: RE: War?

(08-07-2014 13:48)wild786 Wrote:  just bomb their bomb storage area! 10/10 would bomb
Psycho Off-Topic 16 8,325 08-08-2014, 18:28
  Thread: Old video X'D
Post: RE: Old video X'D

omfg fucking done with everything
Psycho Videos 3 1,368 08-08-2014, 18:24
  Thread: jaja plays
Post: RE: jaja plays

(03-24-2014 10:43)bluey Wrote:  Unpredictability : 8/10 OMFG AHAHAHHAA I F****** LOST IT HERE
Psycho Off-Topic 9 7,300 03-26-2014, 10:22
  Thread: jaja plays
Post: RE: jaja plays

ayyyy lmao
Psycho Off-Topic 9 7,300 03-23-2014, 18:49
  Thread: The End?
Post: RE: The End?

wow I didn't check c3 in a few weeks and didnt even know about this topic.. I haven't played THPS3 active in a quite long time now (and don't really miss it) and I have to agree with Skills (03-13-2...
Psycho News 49 12,864 03-23-2014, 18:46
  Thread: Dead
Post: RE: Dead

(02-12-2014 15:39)slappy Wrote:  When someone starts a fucking game i know its just going to be another few minutes of camping/lag/bullshit. Yes. This. Probably the most accurate post ever made...
Psycho News 14 3,094 02-12-2014, 18:33
  Thread: Dead
Post: RE: Dead

I just installed this god damn thingy people call a game.. mssg me whenever u want 2 play.
Psycho News 14 3,094 02-11-2014, 18:56
  Thread: Stick-it #129
Post: RE: Stick-it #129

ah ffs i didnt visit this forum in about 1-2 weeks and u freakin decide to post it now.. imma reinstall th and try this :P
Psycho Stick-its 18 4,108 01-30-2014, 00:45
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