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Nude females - imnofun - 07-12-2015 17:43

Don't judge, I stumbled on it unintentionally Xd

Of what I understand this modifications makes the babes on cs, Carrera and Demoness nude, maybe more(I don't have it installed, but seeing how many of you perverts have interest in my female cas in her panties I think this might interest youTongue) Others won't be able to see if you're using this modification, but if you'll be skating with the Carrera cas it would be kind of suspicious Laugh

Back-up is included in the .rar

I'm sorry if this is in fight with the Terms & Conditions

RE: Nude females - Day - 07-12-2015 18:37

topic sounds phishy af Tongue

RE: Nude females - imnofun - 07-12-2015 19:34

(07-12-2015 18:37)Day Wrote:  topic sounds phishy af Tongue
Well, I must give you that Laugh
It sure seems like one of those email you'll find in your "Junk" folder
But there is no excecutable included, just the .png, .tdx, .dff. and etc.
you can safely browse the .rar, possible-perv Laugh

RE: Nude females - Demo - 07-12-2015 23:28

I've got a face texture for ya, if you know what i mean
[Image: f7b9fec7d6abecbe095f9b7944b052e2.png]

RE: Nude females - Day - 07-12-2015 23:57

Dat pic is kinda scary lel