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TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - uL0v3mE - 10-12-2014 11:33

Hey guyz i was talking to a few ppl and i think we should arrange a new Reunion.
I know it will be hard to get the old players on especially since pretty everyone is inactive on msn. I´m sure it´s in the interest of everyone here to meet the old guyz again so we should just try to get as many ppl as possible online to this weekend.
First of all i´ll invite every registered member here on c3.
I still need your help since i don´t know how many ppl will get this invitation. So if you have any contact to old players please invite them and maybe ask if they got another contacts.
I will add a list of players who will come later.

RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - Faith - 10-12-2014 21:30

Cooool idea! ill tell everyone i have on skype

RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - bluey - 10-12-2014 21:51

good idea. I will be around if this is going to happen
maybe posting on phun forum would be helpful ?

RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - JeZ0 - 10-12-2014 23:42

I'm able to get in contact with RyC via Steam if that's helpful? Tongue

RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - plum - 10-13-2014 07:21

Good for me. Original

RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - LovEu2 - 10-14-2014 09:26

Faith had sent me a message yesterday, which ended up in me checking this forum again. I will probably be able to play some games with you guys the weekend of 22-23 November. Just have to re-install THPS3 and fix that GameSpy-problem. I must suck big time by now though. Do you guys remember me at all?

RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - Lyst - 10-14-2014 09:26

Who are you?HuhPopcorn

RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - LovEu2 - 10-14-2014 09:35

Hahha, Lyst is still as funny Laugh and probably even smarter than back then. Masters degree should be in the pocket by now Laugh

RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - Lyst - 10-14-2014 09:37

I wish that was true; no I still need to do my Master thesis, I will probably be done at the end of this year.

RE: TH3-Reunion!! 22.-23. November - LovEu2 - 10-14-2014 09:38

Oh wow, I hope you will man Original I haven't got my bachelors degree yet either, so it's all good Laugh