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THPS3 League 2014/2015 - Lyst - 10-02-2014 14:20

I know that the community is close to death, but I want to give this a try anyhow. The rules are very simple:
1. You can play versus anyone you want, as long as all players agree on playing a league match before the game started.
2. You can play at any time you want.
3. You can play any type of game you want, as long as it is one of the standard games. Make sure you agree on things like xtc etc.
4. You can play in any level you want.
5. You can play versus and with as much players as you want
6. One of you post the results here and at least one of your opponents confirms the result. Please include the names of all players (+ teams), the gametype and level.

At June 30th the season will end.


RE: THPS3 League 2014/2015 - Pinky thps3 - 10-02-2014 14:41

I think this community is very small
not only that some are no longer interested or are busy

I have seen that this is a very exclusive community
do not give them the opportunity to novice
are always banned

I know it's not as fun to play with newbies they do not know or do not know the abilities of game modes

this I mean not only Latino but in general

RE: THPS3 League 2014/2015 - Lyst - 10-02-2014 14:59

I know, but this way newbies can perhaps prove themselves by climbing the ranking. It adds some form of competition back into the game, which might make it interesting again for some players. Anyway I don't care if it fails or not, I just want to try it.

RE: THPS3 League 2014/2015 - Pinky thps3 - 10-02-2014 15:05

I support
I will run the voice ^^
for those who do not have account on c3

RE: THPS3 League 2014/2015 - Ownish - 10-02-2014 17:17

nice one, nub.

RE: THPS3 League 2014/2015 - KnOizx - 10-02-2014 17:25


RE: THPS3 League 2014/2015 - bluey - 10-02-2014 20:56

I am not really intersted by 1 vs 1.
Anyway if some mates want to join me to play 2 vs 2 and if we can play some serious game, I may try to play thps3 again (first have to dl it..) Original

RE: THPS3 League 2014/2015 - Pinky thps3 - 10-02-2014 21:14

And because your with your partner
not challenge another 2?

RE: THPS3 League 2014/2015 - wild786 - 10-03-2014 06:26

i guess everyone wants to get owned by me one more time, fine ill try to give u guys what u want

RE: THPS3 League 2014/2015 - Faith - 10-03-2014 10:51

hahaha wild still things he got 's it. what a joke.
30th june? that long? if ya want some competition back maybe set it for a month or so. cus i think at first ppl are quiet excited about a new idea but after a month or so it just dies out.