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Minor LevelMod fix - Demo - 09-03-2014 18:37

Important! This is already included in LevelMod Full

some of you know about the things ive made in marseilles which i was planning to release for the latest weeks. nothing massive, but i also packed some other stuff. i don't promise anything, but if you want this to advance anywhere, you probably want to generate some feedback.

before you go-go-download, read all these letters below. they might answer some questions, especially about the launcher. here's what included in the fix:

Oil Rig:
- fixed barge textures

- added sounds (birds, ocean, crowd)
- added police car (like in th2)
- added some peds in single behind the fence
- fixed some gaps (up up and away, wall crawler - wallride in the cave)
- added zones
- fixed restarts, now all of them are on ground facing in skateable direction and team won't spawn at same spot in ctf
- added kill all bulbs mini task, not sure if it works correct.

it's pretty much plain 1.01 exe with openspy fix. oh yeah, i also restored the original icon which looks somewhat better than 8bit shitty one. you won't notice the change until you update your icon cache. you can google for that if you really care. but i know you don't.

this is unfinished launcher i worked on for levelmod and there won't be any better version, so you have to learn how to use it. it allows you to set up pretty much everything the default launcher does (except key binding) plus a bit more. here's what you can do:

- set up any resolution (up to 2047)
- turn on/off CD check
- Fix 251x. oh yeah you can toggle that.
- start in a window
- host immediately (you will skip main menu and load on your host)
- set up antialiasing up to 8x. If your game crashes after you've chosen this, your GPU doesn't support it which means you need to get a better GPU lol. what kind of gpu won't support 8x AA?
- change '.mus' to '.mp3'. well, this needs some explanation. mus files in music folder is nothing else but plain mp3 files. what this option does is replaces mus with mp3 so you dont have to change the extension of your mp3s. you still have to rename files to replace the music. hope that made any sense.

you can as well change your ingame HUD. but it works in a bulky way by simply unpacking the zip file from huds folder. as it never was finished, it doesn't restore original hud when you change it, so there might be a random mix of huds. however i added the which will (guess what?) restore the default HUD. the "Default" option does simply nothing. rather confusing, but that's how it works. for the reference ive added the slappy's ondrugs hud and lediris' unbrabded hud which are probably the best you can find these days.

how to create your own hud zip for this launcher? pretty easy, just zip your PanelSprites folder and place the zip file in huds folder. it will show up in the list. it all gets unpacked to images folder so make sure you didn't mess up. you can add FrontEndSprites and GSpyMenu as well. for the reference you may just unpack any hud coming in this fix.

if it's your first launch, you better do following:
- launch original setup, tune your bindings, save.
- launch levelmod launcher, setup whatever you want.
- if you want to use defmod, from now on start the game from defmod. there's no option to launch defmod from launcher as some stuff wont work this way and it's some long useless chain anyway.

if you'll try to start your game through launcher instantly after you shut it down, you might see "no way" message. it means that your skate3.exe hangs in memory , so you can't run another one. thps3 in this case would just do nothing until it's actually closed. most of the times you only have to click okay and start again. if it takes too long, your skate3.exe hangs in memory
now before you click that link, keep in mind it wasn't properly tested, so make sure you can restore your files in case it will screw your game.

RE: Minor LevelMod fix - plum - 09-04-2014 06:33

Nice Drool

RE: Minor LevelMod fix - Lyst - 09-04-2014 09:49

I haven't downloaded it yet, but Is it possible to just use the oil and Marseilles stuff? I don't really need the launcher. Or is it one installation file that installs everything?

RE: Minor LevelMod fix - Demo - 09-04-2014 12:25

you can setup everything once and then use your skate3.exe shortcut or defmod3 if you wish. it's not obligatory to start it through launcher. it's more like a more functional thps3setup.

RE: Minor LevelMod fix - wild786 - 09-04-2014 21:38

thanks for your efforts!!

RE: Minor LevelMod fix - DAV23 - 09-08-2014 03:28

Hey Demo Could you fix some details in London???
Some of the cables does not work
Actually only one does. Xd
Butt Beating Clan

RE: Minor LevelMod fix - Pinky thps3 - 09-23-2014 16:18

revsito donwload Xd

RE: Minor LevelMod fix - Giel - 09-23-2014 16:55

So i downloaded this but when i start thru launcher it says 'file not found', if i start thru defmod it's says cd not found..

RE: Minor LevelMod fix - Giel - 09-23-2014 20:49

if i start it as admin: noway! comes up, then thps3 starts but immediatly crashes..

any solution demo?

RE: Minor LevelMod fix - DAV23 - 09-23-2014 20:59

(09-23-2014 20:49)Giel Wrote:  if i start it as admin: noway! comes up, then thps3 starts but immediatly crashes..

any solution demo?

Awwwwww! poor Giel'Ps Crying
Butt Beatin' Clan