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RE: The End? - KnOizx - 03-05-2014 05:19

thats cooool Laugh

RE: The End? - wild786 - 03-05-2014 07:42

(03-05-2014 04:29)Krad Wrote:  Freddy and I would be more than happy to provide our services to Chapter-3 as long as everybody here feels they are okay with the transition. I realize nobody in this community truly knows me (or freddy?), and most have probably never heard of me.

I have been around for a long time though, and if this does come to past I can ensure you that you'll be able to access this site just as you are now, without change.
im fine with that

RE: The End? - Faith - 03-05-2014 18:02

@Krad, despite i dont know you, it sounds good to me ^^

RE: The End? - plum - 03-05-2014 19:09

I'm okay with that too. I think I know you and Freddy from thlive forums. Although I don't know if you remember me.

RE: The End? - bluey - 03-05-2014 20:32

hi Krad,
Nice to see your proposition! For sure, I completely agree with that!

RE: The End? - shin - 03-08-2014 13:51

Good decision Lyst. This forum is dead as I see. Generally I have a feeling c3 died after I left forum and thps3 Laugh

Everything because of me..

standard Laugh


PS. You see Lyst ! It's over 6 months when I left and I didn't back Tongue It's possible to make an official "goodbye statement " and don't back Laugh

RE: The End? - Faith - 03-08-2014 15:27

hey hater, its not dead. its inactive Tongue we still are using it! go back to the shadows shin !

RE: The End? - Demo - 03-08-2014 16:03

lawl, i heard it was dead before i joined in 2010.

RE: The End? - plum - 03-08-2014 16:03


RE: The End? - Faith - 03-08-2014 17:39

demo comon, react on my pm please..