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Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - shin - 01-31-2010 12:57

if there are 3 teams in semifinal so they should play vs each other as a final. Why some team should get second chance for winning the tourney and some not?

Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - Lyst - 01-31-2010 13:34

Because some teams already had second chances in round 2? Those teams were also picked by a lottery. It is to prevent auto advances and to keep the 16-8-4-2 system

Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - shin - 01-31-2010 13:50

and who ask you to keep the 16-8-4-2 system?
some of you just make everything to win the tourneys lol

it's semifinal. If some team lost, they shouldn't play at this level of ladder.

Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - Lyst - 01-31-2010 13:54

Because if you don't follow the 16-8-4-2 system you get too many matches for an already impossible ctf tour...
So you say we should just auto advance to finals? It's semifinals..

Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - shin - 01-31-2010 13:59

of course 3 teams in final playing vs each other is impossible thing and it will take 10 years or more.

Ye i agree with you. As always you are guys right.

Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - Lyst - 01-31-2010 14:09

Well maybe a 3 team final is a better solution, what i meant was, that this wasn't the first replacement in the tour. And since it's wild&blind by coincedence it's suddenly a problem. :roll:

Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - SicK - 01-31-2010 14:37

In lottery weird is like 2143 lol why not just 1 number^^? Lyst did it 2ksmthing cuz it is 2k smthing year<lyst even didnt know about it but in his mind still was that 2k smthing year we ve now!> so it all was fuckenrigged<bywild> dont u guys think that i am right again?cmoncmon!

Btw u guys didnt say it was done by lottery so how the fack could i know cmon2...

Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - Lyst - 01-31-2010 14:47

Quote:(19:40:18) Lysteria!: why did i have to put
(19:40:23) Lysteria!: a whole sequence btw Tongue?
(19:40:32) Wild: cos anyone
(19:40:39) Wild: ah ur right
(19:40:41) Wild: out of habit.
And I smashed the keyboard with 1234 i didn't think about any number

Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - Lyst - 02-01-2010 17:22

Ok we go with shins plan, I discussed it with wild and he agreed.
So we play a final with 3 teams:
1. Resul & Haci 3 - 3
2. Fatguy & Love 2 - 1
3. Lyst & Noo 1 - 2

Every team has to play vs every other team. So each team plays 2 matches. Since Fatguy and Love already beat Resul & Haci, they don't have to replay it again and go in lead. Team with the most sets won in the end is the winner of this ctf tour.

Good luck Wink

Re: CTF Tour Semi-Finals - wild786 - 02-01-2010 19:47

just don't take 2 months to finish these last matches Closedeyes