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ctfTV1 round2. - shin - 04-01-2009 11:59

ctfTV1 round2.

1. sick & rambone
2. wild & blind
3. shin & coom
4. lyst & uloveme

same rules. 2 best teams advance to final round. gl

my team will play in Easter time. I'll at home more than 1 week.

Re: ctfTV1 round2. - SicK - 04-01-2009 12:38

Ehe thats not even funny . How u gave a win to u only cuz "we know ur situation" lol ye i know ur situation u r like 24/7 online so ye u gave u win by urself? Like 2 weeks ago it was like wild and blin vs ram and sick and now ur group is done by playing 2 matches?lol

Re: ctfTV1 round2. - shin - 04-01-2009 12:51

I will say no comment. How can you know how my life looks lol? this online thing is just funny, when I guess you are more online than me. anyway I can't play when I am not at home. I was 3 weeks at home, asked ppl many times, they weren't even interested. so what's a problem. Do you want to play with lags? sure, no problem for me. But don't say it lags and you lost. If you want to resign you are welcome. I will close that tourney. I don't care. already I fuck all tourneys and I know I won't sign up anymore. Don't believe? you will see. After that ctf tourney I stop my career. It's over for me because some things changed for better Original

forgot to say you didn't understand my posts about deadline, walkovers and about your team and wild's team. you advanced because your group was done. thank you.
and I gave for group B deadline. time is over so teams that tried to play their matches advanced to next round. simply I guess.

Re: ctfTV1 round2. - wild786 - 04-11-2009 16:02

me and blindzor are on right now so anyone who wanna play get on now Laugh

Re: ctfTV1 round2. - SicK - 04-11-2009 17:08

Idk if rambone left game or smthing but i lost conection . Games with noobs are not nice tho we lost idk 9-1 or smthin i am off from that tour anyway .bye cheat more.

Re: ctfTV1 round2. - shin - 04-11-2009 17:10

ok tourney is over Original bye.

Re: ctfTV1 round2. - wild786 - 04-11-2009 17:11

wild & blind vs sick and rambo = 10-1 sick crashed in the last game and we waited for him but rambo said he doesnt care so we got 3-0 in last game but if u guys want to rematch of last game then we'll do it

Re: ctfTV1 round2. - SicK - 04-11-2009 17:15

wild786 Wrote:if u guys want to rematch of last game then we'll do it
FUCK YOU take ur nupy ranking points and join whole bc to ut and u better then tds yes omfg what a fucking nups .

Re: ctfTV1 round2. - wild786 - 04-11-2009 18:41

SicK Wrote:u better then tds

Re: ctfTV1 round2. - Lyst - 04-11-2009 19:31

You're the only one caring about the clanranking here..
Wild has been offering to help ever since i started with uT.
He said I failed at training the members, so he said he could do better.
But he didn't want to join for that, but what's the use of uT if you just train en get trained by everyone. We finally came to an agreement a few weeks ago.
It has nothing to do with ranking pts, nor with ownish leaving uT, if he'd stayed wild would have joined also to help us. And if I cared about the ranking pts sooo much, I wouldn't recruit newbies. So please, if you can't stand losing, don't play tourneys, and especially don't turn your anger on us. So immature...

ps. why is it closed. I still want to play..