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Re: Stick-it Rules - Plato - 03-09-2009 20:21

Ok, can someone explain this 'Stick-It' thingy to me Laugh, im still noob, so..


Re: Stick-it Rules - Lyst - 03-09-2009 20:43

You have 2-3 objectives, you need to do that in one combo.
You are restricted in certain moves, like in most stick-it's you can't manual.
You can send as many entries as you like, the sexiest, shortest, longest or first valid entry wins, depends on the type.

Re: Stick-it Rules - Plato - 03-10-2009 16:08

Oh okay.. thanks mate :mrgreen:

Re: Stick-it Rules - ReY - 04-01-2009 07:13

lyst can you add a rule for me? :idea:
the rule is: deadlines for first 2 complete!
you can say: do this this this this
this is deadline:
first valid entry wins.

i mean, come on 8 days for a first 2 complete and only entry is buggedT.T

Re: Stick-it Rules - Skater4Life - 04-01-2009 14:50

actually plums entry was very cool Laugh

Re: Stick-it Rules - ReY - 04-01-2009 14:57

Skater4Life Wrote:actually plums entry was very cool Laugh
no time for jokes :!:

Re: Stick-it Rules - ReY - 06-20-2009 07:59

ok guys, i added a 12th rule. Please read it careful!