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Re: Stick-it Rules - Lyst - 01-14-2009 10:05

Disagree, because the way it was, about time, had nothing to do with stick-it's anymore. Look I can edit it 0.2 seconds less, look I did 0.2m on that object less.
People copied other lines just to be a little bit faster, but in fact it was the same line.
With the new rule you either have:
- the same tags in the same order and your entry won't be legit
- the same number of tags and then the first entry will win, because both are equal
- less tags so you will clearly be the winner.

There is no discussion about that. And yes I do know that some lines might change comparing to the previous rules. But at least it is about the line now and not about your editing or copying skills.

Re: Stick-it Rules - SicK - 01-14-2009 13:28

yay ok changing rules when stick it is in the middle and videos are done also sux. What more i lost cuz i had some amount of tags but one tag i just hited for 0.0001 sec and i didn't have to hit it.If those rules would be posted earlier i wont pty obv ha? + it wasn't about few secs i changed line and did it 5 sec faster so yea those rules were changed so i could lose llllllllllollllllllllll. Don't worry i dont care anyway just to show it wasn't fair gentelmans.

Re: Stick-it Rules - Lyst - 01-14-2009 14:14

First of all, do you really think I counted your tags and reys tags to make a rule to make you lose? Sorry lol that's just pathetic. I don't care who loses or wins a stick-it. And if you think I did it, because of the ranking points.. If I cared I would have entered myself.

I made this rule because it's objective. It forces you to use your creativity, in stead of your editing or copying skills. And I'm not speaking to you particularly, but to everyone in general.
While looking at tags, it's also a fact if you're copied a line or not. Same tags + same order = same line. Not like: I jumped of 1 sec earlier and made a revert earlier. You can't judge it properly when it's about the time.
And if you want to know why i used objects in the longest line. Well if it was only about time you can make cycles in your line and do it over and over again. With objects you really have to hit different objects to make it longer.

And to remind you, it wasn't sure whether rey or you should win in last stick-it. We had several page discussion about it, remember? That's the reason I had to make the rules.

So in short: these rules only stimulate players to use their creativity and add some objectivity in certain SI types and aren't meant at all for making certain people lose, because of personal interest. I'm not like that and if you think I am, give me 1 example where I acted in personal interest only.

Re: Stick-it Rules - shin - 01-14-2009 14:46

SicK Wrote:aren't creative wtf? only i am still creative in this old fucking game man.

no. Fatguy is more creative than you Original

Re: Stick-it Rules - SicK - 01-14-2009 15:02


Re: Stick-it Rules - shin - 01-14-2009 17:29

you have problem with your ego sick.

Re: Stick-it Rules - SicK - 01-14-2009 20:01

That's what my doctor told me! You should think about being one he took 50euro for same shit!

Re: Stick-it Rules - shin - 01-14-2009 23:29

it isn't even funny. it's pathetic :?

Re: Stick-it Rules - SicK - 01-15-2009 06:28

depends :lol:

Re: Stick-it Rules - ReY - 01-20-2009 18:49

is it allowed to make balance bar disallowed? Tongue