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Stick-it Rules - Lyst - 01-09-2009 20:05

Stick-it Template (Copy these if you need to make a new stick-it)
Stick-it #<number>
Type: <type>
Level: <level>
Allowed: <allowed stuff>
Deadline: <xx/xx/xx>
Comment: <optional>




Good luck,

Apparently the stick-it's need some rules to prevent conflicts.
1. You cannot create a stick-it unless you've won the previous one.
An exception is when someone who won the previous asks you to make one.
In this case neither of you can join the stick-it, because you could win 2 SI's after eachother if you asks someone else to make it.
2. You cannot enter your own stick-it
3. Stick-it creator chooses the winner
In case of first to complete stick-it's he has to choose the first legit one, and the guy with the first (legit) entry has to wait for approval
4. There are no mods allowed which give you obvious advantages This includes dropdown, balance & speed hacks, ak off
This excludes fasttricks.
5. You are allowed to cap your run in any offline modus
6. Copying a full line is not counting as an entry
This means you used the same objects in the same order.
7. Copying big parts of a line in "Sexiest Way" should be given lower points in the judging, because of lack of creativity
8. You're not allowed to edit essential parts of the stick-it after you posted it.
9. If 2 entries contain the same amount of objects (in shortest/longest way) the first entry wins
10. It's not allowed to make 2 first to complete stick-it's in a row, because while someone is at school, there can be 3 stick-its
11. All stick-it's should have a deadline
12. The creator of the current stick it has to say if noseslide lipslide or anything similar to it is allowed. if he doesn't say it isn't allowed!
13. The creator of the current stick it has to say if groundrevertbug is allowed. if he doesn't say it isn't allowed!
When you create a stick-it you can choose between the following types:
- Sexiest Way (Judge-based, the line which looking best will win)
- First to Complete (First uploaded and posted legit entry will win)
- Shortest Way (Line with the least objects will win)
- Longest Way (Line with the most different objects will win)

If you have another type of stick-it you need to send me a PM first, for approval.
Note: Shin and me are allowed to remove F2C stick-it's when they're obviously too easy.
Note2: Objects are counted by graffiti tags, so each tag is one object, you don't need to cap it in graffiti, but you might want to check how many tags you have.

This will be the rules until now,
I hope this will prevent some conflicts in the future,

PS this topic will be open for discussion considering rules. So please keep the stick-it topics clean.

Re: Stick-it Rules - tasty - 01-09-2009 21:37

Good that there are more Stick-It rules. Wink

Re: Stick-it Rules - RyKbitcher - 01-10-2009 14:54

can u also do this as a pt,when you create a stick it:
''and try to make your video as creative as possible''

Re: Stick-it Rules - Lyst - 01-10-2009 20:44

what do you mean?

Re: Stick-it Rules - RyKbitcher - 01-11-2009 00:45


Re: Stick-it Rules - shin - 01-11-2009 00:53

tell us if you started something..


Re: Stick-it Rules - RyKbitcher - 01-11-2009 16:22

i meant
for a judging pt
if someone wins and create new stick it and say
what to do:use this do this end here etc.
deadline: ??.??
and make your video as creative as possible

Re: Stick-it Rules - shin - 01-11-2009 18:03

I guess every player makes his stick it as creative as he can. The fact is judges sometimes don't see that someone stole line from another players.

Re: Stick-it Rules - RyKbitcher - 01-13-2009 21:55

well i see a lot of stick its that arent creative videos!
so that means i could do it ye?

Re: Stick-it Rules - SicK - 01-14-2009 04:45

aren't creative wtf? only i am still creative in this old fucking game man. note: few others were but they all left! ah still shortest way with just the less amount of tags sux!