Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: Fast Air and NO-CD
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Hey Guys,

so after i played THPS1+2 i was really disappointed and started jumping aroung in th3 again. I am searching for a trusted link for a Fast Air and NO-CD Mod, because i cant find any. I think there was a toolbar called DefMod or something. Maybe someone can help me out?
Blessed for any help Innocent
If you install levelmod: that'll include the NO-CD and the online patch I believe. You can find fast air-tricks and defmod here, defmod doesn't include fast air-tricks, I personally wouldn't use the no-cd crack available here:
Hey, thanks for the reply. Im gonna try it Original
In the latest version of levelmod, found in this link you can change the air trick speed. The setting is found in levelmod settings menu -> control -> air
TH3 is best for its CZ and CTF! welcome invisle
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