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Full Version: 1+2=3 CTF Tournament Round 1
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The tournament has started.

The first round will be Marseille only.
You will play a best of 3, so the team that first wins two games advances.
We play first to 5 captures (no time) and no extra time captures (xtc) allowed.

If you can't decide who goes blue or red, then pick one person. Everyone changes their team to auto, start a CTF game (this is not one of the best of 3 games yet) and whatever color the selected person has will be his team color. Then switch sides after every match (unless both teams are happy with their color).

After the best of 3 one person will post the results on c3 or the discord.

I've created a bracket, all seeds were randomized and Wild observed me when I created the bracket.

8th team can still sign up, they're already slotted into the bracket.
If there is no 8th team, Bluey and Vadru will automatically advance to the next round.

You've got to set up your own matches, you can contact people here on c3, the discord channel or in the whatsapp groups.
Deadline for the first round is tuesday 23:59 GMT+1 (DST).
Wild & Blind vs Knoizx & Fasty
The second match too goood, ggs Original
GG knoizx and fasty!
Round 2 will be:
First match Burnside
Second match Skate Street
Third match Marseille
If it's 2-0, you won't need to play Marseille.
GL everyone and hopefully see ya in thps 1+2 in 3 weeks ONLINE.
PeaCe, SicK.
Did you try the demo yet?
No preorders! Buying it 1st day it is out tho Original 4.09.2020. Hope to see lot of you there ONLINE Original Sadly it isnt thps 1+2+!3! Tongue
Here are some results just for the recs Tongue

Faith & Rev vs Pinky & Natan 2-0
Lyst & Love vs DAV & Kush 1-2

Rev & Faith vs Wild & Blind 2-0
Sick and Wild in final vs Dav and pinky 5-0 GG was fun tournament guys!
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