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Full Version: Crashes in LevelMod - post here
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Since a few people have had issues with crashes I think we should have a specific thread where we can post our problems.
I also can't help you unless you give me some more information than "It crashed".

So here is a format that will help me to figure out why you crash:
LevelMod version:
Reason for crash:
Additional information:
What were you doing when it crashed?

And if I still can't figure out why it crashed, or if you don't get the crash window displayed above you can enter LevelMod debug mode.
Here is the file that you need to enter debugmode, the settings file only contains LevelMod related settings but you can backup your old settings file if you want:
hello I try to test the update and it gives me a crash it does not mark any error to report it
Make sure it’s set to run in 32 bit windows xp compability mode wity admin rights.
You can also try to follow this

For people with windows 10 that crash without showing error code, try using event viewer to get the erreor code.
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