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Full Version: THPS3 Online on PS2 in 2018
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Here it is, guys! I finally got TH3 online to work on my PS2. I have 3 pics for the evidence (on a side note, I won pretty much every KOTH game, since first joining, but only captured one pic of me winning a KOTH game in Foun; it pretty much shows that even BBC ALWAYS WIN on PS2 Laugh). If any of you guys are interested in hopping on, look here for the DNS:

Anyways, here are the screenshots (well, I took em wit mah fone, so they aren't really screenshots) I took during my time online:
[Image: E0ohTiG.jpg]
[Image: pRT4AKF.jpg]
[Image: VKmJ461.jpg]
next time post bigger photos ^
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