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Full Version: Graff Tour 2018 Sign up's
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Let's try to organize graff tour(only TH3 levels), post here who's intrested and which date you can play.

During the week I can play in the evenings and at the weekend I can play until noon and evening

Oke inin
ok you guys are in finals Xd
i join Laugh Xd
Im in too
I'll join! Original
I'll joint
Graff ain't my thing... however @spioch promised me we will play ctf after graff so count me in!!!!
I can play in the morning 7am and in the night 21:00.. gmt-5.. Laugh
Post urs to organize those graffs ^_^

Ps: i can play only 30-45 mins, sometimes 1 hr .. Sad
I would never do a graff tour with 2mins+extra time. why? because it's closer to TA.

30secs/1minute and everyone stops or make slaps available. Or join both options. That would be more proper to graff tour as you have to use your imagination and creativity than balance skills.
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