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Full Version: WB tourney- 2nd round
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we start 2nd round.

list of players:
Dav, Faith, Falcon, Kaoz, Knoizx, Spioch, Wild

2nd round:
Level: Cruise Ship
Time: 2 mins+ extra time (as many tries as you want)
Deadline: 5th June 2018

yes, 4 days. Mostly ppl just cap at the weekend. If someone doesn't have time then let me know. I will extend it to the next weekend.

Anyway we have 7 players in 2nd round. I know many people just don't want to be eliminated so fast so only one person will be out of this tourney in this round.

Good luck and have fun Wink
Thank you! GL everyone Original have fun trying to improv
ohhh lord why this map!!!? i suck in hell ship...

@shin could ya extend the deadline considering that in 2 days is the UEFA Champions league final?? that gonna keep me a little bit busy..
ye sure. No problem. So 3rd June 2018.
3 days left. if I won't get at least 6 videos I will close the tourney.
On what basis do you choose the level?
(06-01-2018 10:13)Shizz Wrote: [ -> ]On what basis do you choose the level?

its a story of a random guy who lives in Canada. But he got the job offer in Los Angeles. He is scary to use planes so he decided to use a ship. His job is in Foundry. After the job he decided to know better the Los Angeles but generally he lives on suburbiaLaugh
Hahaha, well I was just thinking that it would be cool if we don't have improvs on the same levels too much, cause I recall some improvs on canada and cruise ship lately. But I might be wrong (I didn't look it up, was actually just wondering how you pick the levels) and you probably do take into account the levels we already had a lot Tongue
well, it's welcome back tourney so I wanted to use levels which are good to improv. I didn't want to have levels like ware, burnside or roswell. Airport is so much straightforward level, rio is too easy, and i don't like personally Tokyo and Skater's Island. That's why we will play on other levels Wink
Yeah well I wouldn't have bothered because Canada is one of my favourites haha
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