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Full Version: WB tourney- 1st round
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(05-22-2018 03:20)KnOizx Wrote: [ -> ]yeeehp. so we can play in all thps3 maps in this tourney Laugh ;LaughD

idk aboot that but.... i think that's better cuz we all can participate and we would know who were the best ones in each map for the judge. Laugh
(05-22-2018 02:27)HELLYEAH´DaV Wrote: [ -> ]I think shin should implement a point system
without elimination, this would encourage players to become better and keep the game even more alive.

no. it's not improve your prov tourney. and I don't want to waste my time by judging videos and watch them few times to make correct decisions. I would spend 1-3 hours every week to judge it. No sense.

you should make your propositions before 1st round. Maybe after this tourney we will make new one and then make some changes. now we will use elimination system.


no problem Wink im only mad at Rev cause it's not a first time when he signs up and don't cap his video. But what we can expect from "mature" guy who spend every weekend with his wife called bottle of alcohol. Grow up finally.
Yeah I didn't sign up because I wasn't sure if I would have/make time to cap a run. But I'm interested in a new tourney after this one, I might sign up Original
you can still join this tourney if you want. Just cap video and upload it here in 32.5 hours from this post.
I'll see what i can do guys.. Its really obvious yall want me to submit and for good reason!
Dont expect apologize.
PS. You are still a virgin
rev not only late but also using dd in his run!!

edit: nvm
(05-22-2018 22:30)wild786 Wrote: [ -> ]rev not only late but also using dd in his run!!

edit: nvm

where do you see it in this vid?
Round 1 is done. We have 9 videos so Ive decided that 7 ppl will advance to the next round. I won’t explain my decisions. Just enjoy the results (alphabetically):

Dav, Faith, Falcon, Kaoz, Knoizx, Spioch, Wild

Rev- disciplinary disqualified.

Good luck in the next round Wink
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