Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: Anyone alive?
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Yo, it's wolf. Don't know if you remember me, doesn't really matter.
Is anyone here still playing the game. I'm thinking getting back to it. Original
come back wolf and bring people Xd
I'm keen as well. Wouldn't mind it to say the least Original
im alive.. but all y'all in eu and i can't find time when u guys have time :/
No longer in germany?
im alive and sometimes playing, remember the epic NM MG you helped me with
I have time, I'm full time on pc haha. I guess I have wild on skype, also faith i think i do too !

add me on skype: wizard9811 and we can arange something if ya'll up to.
you have me as well asshole
I miss this game, but I'll need to buy a new KB for it (which I might).. If anything big is up, I'm game.
Let's make a return. Make a date and let's all be online for that.
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