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Full Version: Motivation 2: Chris Cole Story
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I saw this movie on Netflix yesterday. A large part of the movie is about the Philadelphia Love Park, the map that's in thps2 (and levelmod). It was really cool to see all the bits of the park match with the THPS map. They even talked about how the fountain gets drained in the winter. Definitely recommending it, if you haven't seen it already.
I'm definitely going to check that out

If I can just drop this here: 'All This Mayhem' is a very nice movie about Tas & Ben Pappas. Even if u don't like skating it's a crazy story, it's actually bad publicity for Tony Hawks tho Tongue Also 'Waitin For Lightning' is a very nice skatemovie about Danny Way and his jump over the Chinese Wall
oh thanks !
btw there is Paranoid Park in which some actions take place in Burnside.
I have never watched this movie but a friend recommanded itbto me Original
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