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Full Version: Who's here?
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Hello Guys,

I think some of you could have even forgotten me, but guess what, I'm still thinkin' of this freaking game Laugh So following the topic, I just simply wanted to ask, who's here yet?

kind regards
all yours
i'm alive unfortunately.
Is this only you? Ohmy Is that really all? Tongue still luv ya! Laugh
O.o Hi 2sS!
I'm still alive but since gamespy is down, nobody is playing active. I really miss the old timesSad

Hi 4ss
seems like everyone reads c3 as the guests ;D
Hello there
Infact I've been thinkin' 'bout resurrecting the once-alive THPS3 community!
I was dying to play wit' one of you guys online in THPS3 A$AP!

To get back online in THPS3, see this post:
To learn how to port forward so you can host a THPS3 online server, check out my video here:

I hope to see anybody in THPS3 A$AP!
I'm still here, I've just been on a military base for the last 7 months but I'm about to come back
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