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Full Version: Spam free Th3 whatsapp group
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So recently we've made a Th3 group on whatsapp with some players.
We only chat if we want to play so you dont have to worry about spam or arguments :3 Disregard the rulez and you shall be banned by either me or Mr. Faith
So if you have whatsapp and want to see when people are playing PM me ur phone number and ill take care of all the paperwork for ya and you will be granted entrance.
Trying to keep this game alive for as long as possible and play many juegos is our goal.

Best wishes to all

Heart Azy
You also gonna mail a citizenship ID to the members?
Thats an outdated and corrupt system, we extract dna from the inside of your cheeck and digitize the dna into a unique code which shall be made compatible for entrance. The CIA has approved this system for th3.. so get with the time wild!!
Well then get to it and start sending out DNA swabbing technicians to your WhatsApp group members.
We use half automated insects which azy controls from his balkonee to fly in your room. You just have to open your mouth and we will take a little spit from inside your cheek. Thats how we roll.. get with the time wild! ''owned''
So I should just let every fly that gets into my room go into my mouth? Just in case it's the right one? Times sure have changed..... I only used to eat the fat well fed flies.
Its the natural thing to do, good source of protein aswell
True azy, but i think we incorporated a system which makes the fly spell out, in poop, the tag of the clan your in, on your door. So then you will know which one to let it in not. But we had some trouble letting the fly spell out MKO it turned the K into an H everytime. First we thought 'MHO" is what the cow says cus we milk you guys everytime in ctf. But then DAV told me its probably: My Hax Own.. So yeah be aware of that.
Both Fa!nth and Azy can be pm'ed phonenumbers Wink
Milk us every time in ctf? What you been smoking recently cos I think it's affecting your memory son
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