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Full Version: THPS 2: The Soundtrack played live in Skatepark Area 51
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Hey guys, What's up Original
It's LovEu2 creating a thread after a long long time.
Some of you might remember me Original

haha I wasn't expecting that.
But you guys are still welcome to enjoy some kebab at my treat if any of you come to Eindhoven at some point haha!

I saw something really cool, and immediately thought of sharing it with you guys,
even though a lot of you are probably too far away to attend.

The Dutch band John Coffey will be playing the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 soundtrack live in a skatepark called AreaFiftyOne in the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands (my new hometown).
It will be on May 14th, so there's still a lot of time.
Here's a link;
It would be funny if I came across one of you guys there haha Original

Oh, you might've seen this clip of John Coffey coming by your Facebook-feed;

So yeah, that was what I wanted to share.
Hope you all are doing great, whether active or inactive Original
Hey man that sounds pretty cool I'll consider going but won't make any promises
I assume the park is closed for boarding...? I dont wannna get run over when crawling back to the train station XD
hey man good sound.
Haha @stof, me and my cousent will protect you from evil in the form of teenagers on boards with wheels!

@Faith yeah man Laugh you could take your lil bro
Omg Love, what's up Heart The flights to Netherlands are quite cheap, I might consider it, depends on whether I have exams at around that time or not. Which I might... but if not, I'll show up!
Wow Zoe, I wasn't expecting that haha! You're welcome to spend the night if you do though Laugh It's just a student home, so don't expect much haha!

I'm doing good man, busy with studying. What's up with you?

Btw, Just so you guys know, pre-sale starts tomorrow morning. I don't know if there's a chance of it getting sold out, but yeah
yoyo i still got vids of you on my pc Tongue I think ima upload those old tourney vids
Yoo Wild Original What's good man! Playing against you were fun times! I remember I always had to concentrate real hard to keep up! I think I might have those videos on some hard drive back at my parents' house. Haven't watched those in a long time Original
I uploaded em to my channel last night
Eindje = sold out in no-time..
Did you got the tickets?
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