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Full Version: Stick it #135
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Okay, so since everyone loved the prov tour so much and it's over now. And I think Stick-Its are the best things in the world. AND no one wanted to create one after the last one. I have decided to do the honors and create a new one! Yaaaay! Heart

This stick it should be easy to do, I want you to be creative and make it sexy, Mkay?! (Drugs are bad, mkay?)

Link to the level mod:
(You will need it to get Chicago, make sure to get THPS4 Update)

Type: Sexiest way
Level: Chicago
Deadline: One week! (22nd February 2016)
- 1 Combo only
- 2
SHORT manuals (Short manual: Has to be a NORMAL manual, either "Manual" or "Nose Manual" no special stuff such as Truckstand, Reemo Slide, etc. and it must not pop up on your combo list) This is NOT allowed
- 1 LONG manual (In task 3 only, classic manual, can be anything, a special manual and it can pop up in your combo)
- Ground reverts
Disallowed: The usual, any cheats and manuals except for the ones explained above (and below, read on)

What to do:

There are 3 tasks to do, remember to do all 3 of them before you submit! (Task 1 has to be first - starting the combo, the rest can be done in ANY ORDER

TASK 1: Start your combo anywhere on this roof (Grind something, jump off of it, do whatever)
[Image: iqM7VhD.png]

TASK 2: Touch this sculpture (You can grind it, manual over it, cuddle it with, give it tea, make sure you get consent first though. Pick any of those)
[Image: bqsi1hU.png]

TASK 3: LONG manual down any stair set. Here are some examples of stair sets:

End your combo anywhere you want
It is my wish to participate but im not familiar with "stick its" whats the goal?
The stick it creator creates(duh) a challenge for you...The sexiest way to pull it off wins in this case. Creator = Judge. Creator tells u what's allowed and disallowed (=Rules)
He or she sets up a few assignments (i.e. grind this, handstand that, Misty flip off car etc.) you have to pull off to complete the challenge (can both be random or in order, creator decides)
Carefully read Zoe's post again and you'll know what to do Tongue
OMG, interest in stick-its... COULD IT BE? Could we bring them back? I love Stick-Its, I was so sad when less and less people started doing them, eventually it died completely, no one would participate. Cri Sad
hello, what about this ? D;
(04-04-2020 18:41)KnOizx Wrote: [ -> ]hello, what about this ? D;

create a new one
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