Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: Improve you prov (3rd edition)!!- 8th week - last week!!!
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Level: Zoo
2mins+ extra time

Deadline: 14th February 2016!!
Everyone can participate!!

Overall rules are here:

Link to the mod:

Last week!!!
Last week already :'(
This is NOT my definite video just some freeskating/Inspiration I made real quick

I'm sorry guys i didn't use kickflip to indy or fs540 nor my song is from a black person .............. yeah i know im a nab for that but anyway here it is!! Yay Aww Kisshug Heart Crying
well.. we have 4 videos so we need one more.

New deadline:
14th February
ok we need 2 more videos cause I won't accept Minds's videos anymore Wink
Oh I'm so in. How does this work now. Can we record without a spectator? Or what's up...
Here it is... I might re-try it, not sure if I'm happy enough with it. But maybe it'll do...
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