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Full Version: Improve you prov (3rd edition)!!- 3rd week
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Level: Chicago
2mins+ extra time

Deadline: 6th December 2015!!
Everyone can participate!!

Overall rules are here:

Link to the mod:

Feel free to comment constructive critisism as I aim to get better!
Zyzz, please start spinning your fs shove it the right direction it looks so ugly when you dont Wink
w!Ld just told me yesterday about the spins and what is right and what is wrong. When I uploaded this I wasn't aware of this aspect! but thanks
Delete it and upload another one. Im looking forward to see it Wink
he din't let me finish telling him all the way, so expect more of the same.
ah.. yeah his mind rushes sometimes.. listening is an art itself. we will see
I wont be uploading another improv of the same level. Im already working on Kona atm.
last day.

bad vid with a worse end
Felt guilty that I said I would participate in the competition and didnt take part in the first 2 rounds Tongue Also there is only 1 run posted yet, pretty sad.
So made this "run" today, made it before I saw Azy's cap Tongue I even forget u could cross the bridge in Chicago Xd

Next level I will be better/practice more Tongue brb

ps: Is kona the next level?
ps2: Yeah give some feedback + I need someone to learn me some improvskills Xd
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