Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: LEVEL MOD B4 crashes my thps3...
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(07-11-2015 13:38)Demo Wrote: [ -> ]try to remove data\MILES\levelmod.flt and tell us if it launches.

(07-09-2015 21:00)imnofun Wrote: [ -> ]Ofcrouse I had tried that, that was also a no go Original
Now I'm playing a vanilla version, tested Skate.exe and it initiates the launcher(if I recall it correctly, with B4 it told you to start the launcher directly)

levelmod doesnt replace skate3.exe and it doesn't change the way you start the game. the launcher call is the original bug.
OK th3 doesnt crash now. its installed correctly .thanks you , and thanks you ALL!!
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