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Full Version: THPS3 LevelMod on PS2
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Y'all know that LevelMod was created by Vadru and UltraTaber (or DCx*) exclusively for the PC edition of THPS3. Guess what? Now I'm working on bringing it over to the PS2 edition of the game. By the time I'm done with the project, it'll include these levels:
Levels from THPS1
Levels from THPS2
Levels from THPS2x
These THPS3 levels:
All of DCx*'s 512x version of some levels including their updated loadscreens
Oil Rig (exclusive to the Xbox edition of THPS3)
Paris (exclusive to the GBC edition of THPS3)
These THPS4 levels:
Kona USA
Moto X (not to be confused with the phone of the same name)

Well, the PS2 version of THPS3 only has TA, Graf, Koth, and Slap! in Online mode. But with LevelMod on THPS3 for PS2, it will include these additional games:
Goal Attack

LevelMod on THPS3 for PS2 will be tested on PCSX2 emulator and PS2 console for problems.
After that, I'll provide the link to the ISO of THPS3 for PS2 with LevelMod.

Download Link: Coming soon...

When you guys try out THPS3 LevelMod, let me know what you think. Additionally, also report bugs here and I'll try my best to fix them and make sure it fully works before the final build of THPS3 LevelMod for PS2 is launched.

Also I need other THPS3 professional modders like DCx* to work with me to make sure it's 100% bug-free, fully-functional, and successfully bring over the aforementioned stuff above.

As new info arises and/or THPS3 LevelMod for PS2 is launched, this post will be updated.

In the meantime, greatness awaits!

Have a great time skating with new stuff added! Original

—MindsEye, owner of the Fantastic Four (F4) clan and pro

are there any people playing thps 3 online on ps2?
(05-25-2015 08:12)bluey Wrote: [ -> ]hello!

are there any people playing thps 3 online on ps2?

Nah but hopefully near the end of the year and/or near the future, there will be people playing thps3 online on ps2. I am inviting anyone who has ps2 and thps3 for the ps2 play online with met through openspy. and i hav a vid on my yt (mindseyethps) that tells u how to configure thps3 on ps2 for openspy.
I've done this as an experiment before (I was bored when I did it), And there are some things you need to be aware of since it's not as easy as copypasting and expecting it to fully work.

1. THPS3PS2 uses a different texture format (*.TEX) than the PC version (*.TDX) which is currently unknown so until you or someone has written a tool that can handle those, The levels will end up having no textures.
2. PC levels are configured differently than the PS2 levels, Some will not load at all, And if they load there will be bugs that need fixing (Example: If you break glass on a PC level the PS2 will freeze).
2a. Part of why most levels don't load is because PS2 has lower specs than XBOX and Demo used the XBOX version of some levels.
3. The LevelMod scripts have no tables so you can't edit them, This was done to prevent ripping off the mod.

I can try to put you in the right direction by sending you stuff from my experiment so this will be easier for you to accomplish, I wouldn't mind helping you with this project as well.
Why not invite those people to pc instead? We have a larger community here and it'd be better not to have a split up th3 community when we're already so small. Besides there's plenty of easier ways to use a ps2 controller on the pc.
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