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this post is to ask your help
publish on this site a photo of your cas (are your cas with those who most identify other players )

[Image: screenshot126_by_pinkysb-d8flp7a.jpg]

really is something very important and
soon see the reason why I ask this

thank you for a few minutes of your time for looking at this post and respond
Aww Kisshug Heart

Heart Aww Kisshug
for a while I am preparing things for this community the more active, more united and more important for the community of thps3 not die

but I dipo les 2 minutes of your time
and nobody cares

then complain that this community is not as before
it is no longer possible to find many players in the lobby
or just do not care because I'm the one who is attempting all this
The little kid that grew up in Suburbia. Doesn't even hurt a fly. yet gets banned all the time..

Most muscular player on THPS3.
Born on Mount Olympus.
Cousin of Zyzz: Azyzzah[attachment=1291]
hahah fu azy

just show your cas's front guys. its pretty funny what pinky makes. ANYONE has GOOFS AFRO CAS?
this is what I'm doing

this is
only the beginning of something I'm conducting

[Image: 10958218_10206140769744216_489101308_n.j...04048f8b38]
Great pinky gj Laugh BTW im DaV23'BBC can u put it plz ? ....
Azy i died laughing hahahahah he grew up in Suburbia?? wtf i didnt know about that kid!!
who is her mother huh!!!¿? i bet a hoe from the street!!!!
I would like members to mko, lyst,demo, meni,giel and all others
can help
that's cool and all, but how exactly this will help
(01-28-2015 14:30)Pinky thps3 Wrote: [ -> ]the community of thps3 not die
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