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Full Version: stick it # 131
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Disallowed : Manual, nsls-bug, cheats
Allowed : ground revert & nm stuffs
Type : sexiest way
Deadline : 1 January. 2015
-the order you want
-must end at the campfire
-do grind on red wooden boat (minimum half boat)

[Image: stick_it_131_grind_palmera_by_pinkysb-d87y5y8.jpg]

[Image: stick_it_131_grind_by_pinkysb-d87y403.jpg]

[Image: stick_it_131_grind_wood_red_by_pinkysb-d87y40q.jpg]

[Image: stick_it_131_grind_by_pinkysb-d87y3zm.jpg]

[Image: stick_it_131_end_by_pinkysb-d87y417.jpg]

good luck allsitos :3
0.o that looks hard! interesting
I guess i will give a try. nice one pinky
try to do it that spans the map
the final change it

terniar was previously at the top of the mast (I achieved it, but only a part of the stick it)
and thought it would be too complicated that way for over map

I hope you enjoy it and more to create a line
will have a good time ^^
intente hacerlo de forma que abarca todo el mapa
el final lo cambie

antes era terniar en la parte superior del mástil ( yo logre hacerlo, pero solo haciendo una parte del stick it)
y pense que seria muy complicado de esa forma, por lo largo del mapa

espero que sea de su agrado y que mas que crear una linea
se la pasen bien ^^
Maybe you should make it first to complete, judging its difficulty.
nvm its pretty doable
i got the line but I need to work on my balance skills..
apparently no one attempt
cool nice
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