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Full Version: THPS3 League 2014/2015 Results
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(12-22-2014 11:39)Lyst Wrote: [ -> ]First of all, to make this clear for everyone. If a match is not confirmed, it doesn't count. Too bad if you are the one who won points, but I don't want to create a loophole in the system.

How does it create a loophole? I don't get it. In my opinion, the stance you took creates a loophole. If, for example, someone is in first place near the end of the tour and they lose a match and that lets someone else get in first place but the person in first place doesn't confirm it it's enough to change the winner. I don't see what loophole you're talking about though.
Players can be faked online. I can capture a video with you and ownish losing to me. The only way to be sure is to have people confirming here.

And you don't need to beat the first place to become first. There are 3 more players in the master group you can play versus.
There's an easy way to handle that loophole and make sure that no one is able to not confirm. Create a separate thread where all players who are going to be involved in a match that is about to start post right before the match starts that they will begin. It could be used as a log.
If you can agree to that, no problem, but keep in mind that there is no way back if someone cheats or leaves.
I'd like to not do that. I'd like ppl to trust eachother. if you dont just dont play against the person.
Avoiding dav and history is the solution for all future league problems in my opinion
rio ctf
owni/gamer vs wild/bluey : 2-0

ap ctf
owni/gamer vs wild/bluey : 1-1

LA ctf
owni/gamer vs wild/bluey : 0-1
--added to ranking

also, RIO CTF:

me and faith 5 - 0 wild n bluey


me and faith 2 - 0 wild n bluey
--added to ranking
me vs kniox cz tour all maps 12-0
--added to ranking
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