Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: BBC HUD and OpenSpy Logo
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Requested by Hell Yeah! a.k.a. DaV, This doesn't look like much, It's pretty much a basic recolor of the original THPS3 HUD in yellow, With some additional modifications, This doesn't change the font so you can use whatever fonts you like, This also replaces the "Powered by GameSpy" logo with the OpenSpy logo since THPS3 now uses OpenSpy (Separate download for that feature is also available).

Full HUD Download - OpenSpy logo for the online menu if you only want the logo

[Image: th_Skate32014-08-1719-15-00-53_zps505d606d.png] [Image: th_Skate32014-08-1719-13-16-20_zps095fd624.png]
Just Perfect!! Laugh 17 Kisshug Heart thank ya a lot zure Heart Tongue Thumbup

look it looks awesome with my Skateboard Xd

Butt Beating Clan

[Image: home.jsp#dir=Kl8r6jcz]

I like the Openspy idea but dude use something other than paint for your images.
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