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Full Version: OpenSpy test
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okay it seems that gamespy is officially down for thps3. so i need you good people to test if openspy works. if it does, i'll write a small patcher so you can patch any exe you got there. please backup your exe file (this file doesn't have 251x fix)
that I can not create server?

nice bro Laugh
works fine
nice job
Works fine
I have trouble refreshing in the lobby. It gets stuck often and I can't even shut down the game anymore. Also not all players are shown in the playerlist? I know it's not something you did with your "patch", but I think it's worth mentioning.
Anyone? I hear everyone has this problem. Refreshing the server list takes very long, so long that if you press it again the game freezes. When it does I'm not even able to shut down THPS3 anymore. The freezing sometimes takes up to minutes.

Edit: It's even disconnecting all the time now..
to me it has happened to me but
only when he entered the lobby and I give update immediately
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