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Full Version: All Modifications [WIP]
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Hello this post will inculude a huge amount of modifications I have collected over my 5+ years of playing and browsing collecting all what is left or pretty much ever made for the game and I am willing to share my jewels with you as I knew one day back in the day gave me something I wanted so I will give what I can give back left too the community...

All files use at your own risk, they have been uploaded to dropbox. All files include a backup of the original game file.

Script Modifications: Script modifications are anything pretty much affecting the gameplay which is within the .qb "Script" folder found in your THPS3 directory.

Modification Name: 5 Second Script
Author: Unknown
Description: This will replace your 10 minute time limit into 5 seconds.

Modification Name: 10 Second Script
Author: WhoDa
Description: This will replace your 10 minute time limit into 10 seconds.

Modification Name: No-Slap Script
Author: Unknown
Description: This modification will remove slaps during gameplay.

Modification Name: Smaller/Taller Script
Author: Unknown
Description: It will remove the height limits when making your own skater.
(03-28-2014 07:14)Lalita Wrote: [ -> ]hello, long time no see

I have a huge collection of old modifications I am willing to upload if the thread is stickied it contains script mods heaps of huds texture conversions etc... I'll set the thread up neat but I don't wanna go through the effort if the post just ends up going non existant


what do u mean by going non-existent
I have plenty of old mods. I might up them here on Saturday.
(03-28-2014 09:04)wild786 Wrote: [ -> ]what do u mean by going non-existent

it was "i want it to be sticky"
this is sticky now !
Cheers to whomever stickied it I'll begin to work on uploadin mods now.

gonna be a slow process but enjoy.
Insane scripts!!
I put any of these mod and I get lag MadMadMad
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