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Full Version: MKO Series n°2 : POLL
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hello guys,
Time for another MKO Series Tournament.
Here is the poll to chose the game we are gonna play.
We want to play team games.
Please vote for the game you would like to play soon !
Vote only if you want to join the tourney8-)

edit : as it seems the poll system doesnt work, just post your answer below.
Team CTF
Team CZ
oh yeah!.(vote system doesnt work)
I dont care which tour but if i have to vote ima vote: king!
We already had a ctf tour, Let's do cz!
I would like to participate
but i am are very bad
vote: ctf :Laugh
CTF ! (Y)


well the name of this tour sux but it´s a good idea to make 1.
but can´t we just make a good old single cz tour?
Coz it´s hard to get 2 teams online at the same time! Like we saw in last ctf tours..
Think about it bluey... think about it...
Vote: CZ or KOTH
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