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Full Version: Intervention
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He's like a plague :shock:
who are you?
shin Wrote:come on guys. Next topic about emocore :| Just make new pw or kick him from server everytime he joins. After kicking him million times, he has to get bored.
Dude, he won't because he has Mongolian mentality, he is sick and has no remedy, he never get bored getting kicked because he restart his modem and rejoin servers faking someone, and get crashed (N) Mad
I actually have to agree with all of you guys in some part...this isn't my style, I don't rly feel comfortable about excluding anyone from the game...especially not noobs!
But what we're actually trying to do is to steal Emocores intention to play this game! just by banning..
But as I know and as I told you - it is RLY looking forward to the new mod as it contains lots of maps from TH games it formerly played...such as THUG..
This would be a NEW, huger intention and reason for it to play this game.
I dont see any advantage in NOT taking any preventionional measures. (N)
Really I don't know what's with him. He's nice for one second and then all the sudden starts banning people. I really got the feeling that he has some skitzo problems lol
Anyway he is an ok kid aslong he is not crashing us. If his crashing my server I usually join the one his in to crash him aswell and most off the time he then goes offline Xd
And yeah he is jacking off to lvlmod5 teaser, so i think dude has a good point
i handle that so
if emo joins = kick
if someone joins my server with a nickname that i nvr saw, i ask him who re you?( with pw server) and it only comes shit or he repeat his nickname = kick.
Hope all can understand this and dont be angry if i kick the worng person. Its my way to play some safe games.
Well today he crashed my server like 5 times and he always joined as a diff guy like Psycho, Rev and Music and one time "phoeb", anyways I think the idea with the pw could be possible but you need to give it to trusted persons. Since Emocore just changes his name and asks everyone about the pws he got t,d,v,b,p and 420's pw and I'm not sure but he didn't join my server when i hosted with .pw ... So about not releasing the new lvlmod, I guess it's a good idea.
getting pw by pm-ing here would be better, than telling it on thps3.

I can make a new pw, and if you want it, just pm me, and use it all the time. Simply as hell. so? Laugh
oh no pls not a new pw. 1k pws re enough and n pw and the rest havent work. Sad
kevDN4 Wrote:oh no pls not a new pw. 1k pws re enough and n pw and the rest havent work. Sad

well, I really don't care about Emo. For me you can do nothing. Anyway Lyst probably won't agree with hiding link to the Mod, and im with him, so only solution is making pw. I don't need it, but if you want, I can make one, which will replace all pws like T. and D. You can get it by only pm-ing me. If someone will spread it, then he is really an idiot. So i'm waiting for your replies if you support it, if not then pls stop making every day new topics about Emo, because i will close it faster than it was created. yo Tongue
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