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Full Version: Left side chat
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Finally, a polished version of the left side chat.
Good old left side layout.
No text overlaps.
7 seconds per message.
Nifty message slide out to the left out of your screen.

How to install: simply move to your thps3\data\scripts directory replacing the original file
yes needed this since fuq netmessages link was offline
thanks demo Original
thank you Heart
We love you, and we thank you.
This is some really good stuff but (even if my advice is not senseful at all) I'd really like to have the font a little bigger. :lol:
Are long messages going off-screen still an issue with this? To change the font size there should be a variable you can change using a qb compiler. And it's interesting how those messages are actually transmitted from the host. A nice way to customize your room.
Challenger Wrote:Are long messages going off-screen still an issue with this?
yes because th3 doesn't operate the string and just outputs it as is. you can't exceed the screen width with the default message length, yet some mods enlarged it. here the font is a little bit smaller, that allows more text on the screen. sure a bad one for those with 640x480 Tongue
Does some1 have a backup of this netmessages.qb? Seems like the download isn't workin or for me
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