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Full Version: Misbehaviour Report.
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EmoCore Crashes servers with no reason, did he crashed 3 people server
Me, .420'z0r. and Dude'XsT. (N)
she/he crashes my game too much Sad
I got fed up with these people
Guys, please do something, he dont let we play.
what a fag, always expect it from a person that asks these things: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=22&t=3198</a><!-- l -->

it is also obvious why he was kicked from openspy.
Demo Wrote:it is also obvious why he was kicked from openspy.

Crashed tons of servers on THAW/THUG2, then spammed frost's inbox. Then when he wasn't aloud back made about 40 topics on phun forum that just said "fggts"

Emocore is a real class act.
Well, Let's kick him from community. I already pmed him and said few words.

If he will crash again some server, let me know. I will kick him from my tourney and ask Lyst about ban him permanently here.
Countless reports have been submitted about Emos behaviour. It's about time he's kicked from the community
I'm sorry, but I've only had 1 report so far and he has got a warn for that. I can't just ban people here for their behaviour on THPS3, even if I would like to do so. And I think that is a good reason, because else I would be the guy who would make all the decisions in this game. We have forum rules and if people breach them, I can punish them. I do not control openspy or gamespy, so banning him here does not affect his behaviour on THPS3. And don't bother posting 40 topics here, with 3 clicks you and all your posts will be gone.
yesterday emo behaved pretty well..
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