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Here is just mod_troll. I play thps3 only a few times and i stopped using mod_troll. Maybe someone else likes to play with it.

What is mod_troll?
mod_troll is a mod by troll. It can be used for trolling. In general mod_troll is just a tool to change texts (strings) at runtime in thps3 (theoretically also in every other game/application).

Changing texts? Wtf?! What?
It sounds stupid, but it's possible to change the own nickname, e.g. to "God". Then you can send a message and the displayed nickname is God. All the other online users in the current host dont see the new nickname in user list in the left side. So they dont know who wrote this message. There are many use cases (as host or as client) and a few rules how they work or what effect happen.

How to use it?
There are two components: The mod_troll server and the mod_troll_gui. The server has to run on the pc on which you start thps3. The gui can run anywhere.
It's easy to create an alternative gui or another way to control mod_troll because the server just has a very simple text-procotol-interface with only a few commands (you can see them in the GUI's log). In general you can use a second pc to control mod_troll. I also do it on this way.

A second pc? Can i use linux Wink ?
Of course. mod_troll is written in C# .Net, so you can run the gui on Linux, Mac OS, Windows and many other systems. I also run the GUI on linux with mono.

Let's test mod_troll.

1) Start your thps3-pc and start mod_troll_server.exe. You must start it with administrator privileges, because it changes the memory of another process (thps3).

2) Start now defmod/thps3/whatever. You can use any other mods, because mod_troll is not really a mod. So it's compatible with every thps3.

3) Start mod_troll_gui.exe. There you need to input the mod_troll_server's hostname. If it's the same pc you dont have to change the default value 'localhost'. Otherwise just write here the target pc's IP or hostname.

In the following image i connect to the pc, because i use a notebook to play thps3 and a netbook to control mod_troll.

[Image: img01.png]

Click 'Connect' to connect to the mod_troll_server. If the connection works you see something like this:

[Image: img02.png]

Maybe you like to maximize the the program, then it's a bit easier to use.

4) The program window has some easy functions to manipulate texts. Every text must be loaded and then it can be changed. It also possible to change many texts at one time.

Let's do an example. Create a new host with the nickname 'i_like_9' and the host name 'blabla'.

5) Hm, 'Airport' is a cool level name, but maybe we like to change it? Ok, go to the mod_troll window and input the text 'Airport'. Load it then with the button 'Add'.

It needs a few seconds to load it, you can see the current state in the list next to the 'Add' button.

[Image: img03.png]

6) If it's loaded we like to rename Airport to ABCDE_. The new name should not ne longer as the old name. If it is longer then the game maybe chrashes. So be carefully. But for nicknames its always possible to use 15 character long names.

So, let's select 'Airport' in the list, write 'ABCDE_' to the 'New text:' text field and click 'Define selected'. If you change now the level it's called 'ABCDE_'.

7) Sometimes the change doesn't work then you maybe have to select the 'dead' values and click to '(Re) load selected'.

8) A good way to troll is:
Everytime someone joins your host you load it's nickname to the list and then you change it to your own nickname. All people who join your server now think 'WTF? everyone is called i_like_9?'.

In this case if someone leaves your host an rejoins you have to reload it's nickname, because the string/text is in other memory locations stored.

Another important thin is: If a user connects to your host he just loads the current list of usernames, so if you change his name he won't see this change. Also if he writes text messages his old username is used.

9) Another good way to troll is:
Join a server. Wait. Play. Change you nickname to the nickname of someone else and write crap Wink You can get you old nickname back just with one click to the 'Reset selected'-Button in the GUI. So it's easy to change your nick very fast.

How does this stupid software work?
If you search a text it just searches in the memory of thps3 for this text. It stores all locations and replaces them if you like. Before a replace is done it always checks if the addresses content is still correct.

The software logic is very stupid and the code is dirty, because it grew a bit and i didn't care to make it clean. I dont like to clean it up, because i dont have time for it. Maybe you like to do it?

Whatever. If you have any questions i can answer them.



mod_troll source code:

best regards
Wow , This is the perfect mod that I want :mrgreen:
> get CheatEngine
> Select a process to open (skate3.exe)[red-green glowing icon(topleft corner)]
> change Value Type to ''String''
> write your name into searchbox, click First Scan
> on the left side you get some results, one of them is yours
> double click on them (mostly the one that begins wiht 056 it is)
> it appears under, double click at the 'Value'
> change it -> OK
> Ejoy.
It's the same way like in CheatEngine. Just optimized for replacing the strings. Especially for my use case. I have a notebook and next to it a netbook.

So i can play on the notebook and control mod_troll on the netbook Wink It's also more userfriendly for the features it has, but of course CheatEngine is much more powerful.

best regards
hahaha i was wondering how ppl were doing it. i see now thanks!. trolling can begin! beware!
We try to keep the thps3 community clean. Why would we want someone trolling us?
JeZ0 Wrote:We try to keep the thps3 community clean. Why would we want someone trolling us?

LOL we don't! This game is ALL about trolling (stupid)
Fair enough :lol:
We need troll mod but link is broken... where can we get it now??!!
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