Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: birne,0wnish, colby FUCKING IDIOTS :>
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lol dude you won't get accepted that way in our community..
and btw this post will get deleted anyway
ofc reported.

Grow up man.and gl at this community.
This is why frost wont unban you from thug-thaw, stop doing that.
Do a topic for this, make no sense.
Split Wrote:Do a topic for this, make no sense.
wtf lol?

Emocore this is a forum, not Facebook lol. If you're like this on the forum you won't gain any respect what so ever Xd
This is the most obscure post I have ever read lol
EmoCore Wrote:They banning w/o reason 38
But that's not a reason to make a topic , better pm him saying "Why did you ban me"
Learn to behave, warned.
-topic locked-
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