Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: Switch/Spin bind config?
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I played lot of THUG2 lately and got used to that kind of system, so, my question is, is there any way to bind my switch and spin on the same key :?:
geez, it's the most awful thing neversoft did! i think you mean revert on spin button as well, don't you?



here you go, assign spins to numpad7 and numpad9 if you didnt before.

but damn...
Yeah, that's exactly what I meant, but

a) it doesn't seem to work
b) I am too stupid to follow the instruction Xd

I used to play like this:

[Image: gvsc4sawt2p9.jpg]

I copied and pasted the file you attached, but now I can't either use switch/nollie, nor my spin keys.

Can you please go in detail..? Sad

Thanks so far!! (Y)
Nevermind, I was reading your post again and found my mistake :mrgreen:

Thanks so much, it's working!!!! :Original
Just a lil' bump, asking for something.
Is there any way to get the classical fastplant? Tongue
do you mean this?
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How do I do this in a hex editor? I wanna use it in THPS3 1.3.
the download seems to be broken. Can anyone re-up this for me? I have played I forgot how much this bugs me. I like to spin and revert with the same key.
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