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I didn't know where to post it. Both forum suggestions or problems are good for it.

I noticed that esk8 closed a topic with phun vol3 video And i ask why? I understand that ppl shouldn't type in old topics, but imo it shouldn't touch a video forum. If i watch some video which someone posted few months ago, I should be able to comment it anyway. I know that in phun topic it was kinda spam, but still It shouldn't be closed.

i just pmed him about that
actually its a nonsense to continue the phun-vid topic, since nobody of them checks c3. so they don't really care.. just like nobody of us rly cares what sick thinks bout the vid.

but in principle video topics shouldnt be closed
well, it's not about if phun members read this or not. Ppl should be able to comment every video if it's even 2 years old. It's always nice to read some posts when ppl type what they like or not. I know that we don't see new posts in old videos but it doens't mean we should close the topics because someone spammed there. It's not a solution. Admins should warn ppl if new posts are spam. Including my posts. I spammed too Laugh
phun topic has been closed coz this debate was off topic.
It may be better to move this conversation into THPS part. with a real subject, smthg like : "interaction between th3 players and others, or idk"
Gonna post what I said to David in pm

"Somebody started the flamewar back by commenting pointlessly on a vid nobody has cared about for 3 months, then everybody started fighting. It was stupid."

You're completely right that video threads shouldn't be locked by principle but it's not like people wanted to discuss the video, they were just insulting other people. Warning or banning would've made more drama.

If you just want me to leave flamewars going on without doing anything in any topic, I will. But then I may as well not be a mod.
how about an icewar instead
yeah, i shouldnt have post it in that topic. a personal approach would been better.

icewar im in (santa)
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