Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: Stick it 116
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Deadline : 30th April 2012
Type : sexiest way
Allowed: grinds, wallies, reverts + 1 ground revert
Disallowed: manuals, ns-ls bug

1. Start anywhere you want

2. Bounce anywhere in this area

[Image: scaled.php?server=822&filename=s...res=medium]

3. Grind this roof

[Image: scaled.php?server=3&filename=sti...res=medium]

4. End by making earthquake

[Image: scaled.php?server=21&filename=st...res=medium]

You can do these in ANY order. Except for the Earthquake, it has to be the last task!

You don't have to grind all the earthquake rails in the stick it, you can pre-grind 3 rails if you want, just grind the last one.

Good luck! (Y) (sombrero)
thx slappy for capping,
thx giel for telling me there was a new 'stick it' :lol:
Even though the deadline is over, I think you can still win since nobody else joined! Laugh Good job, make a new one Original
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