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Full Version: What About A "Chapter-3" Facebook Page :D?
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U just prove yourself wrong? Nice lol , and noone is right and noone is hatin Wink
While everyone is posting this some of you're info is exposed on the web. All of your lifes where ruined the very first moment you went on the web. Good luck I hope you'll al survive the wwww (world wide web war)
i myself have belonged to the resistance against facebook for a long time. i didn´t feel like having 300-400 "friends", people you don´t even say hello to, writing status messages like "insert some smartass shit/poetry/whatever-nonsense" and all this fucking self-display.

But at some point when i was in school while a teacher announced that there wouldn´t be class, i realised which insane amount of power facebook has gotten and that the whole communication in my class went via facebook.
so there was no other opportunity than to surrender and register myself, since facebook does have quite an impact on my performance at school considering the fact that my classmates upload class tests and other useful stuff. However, the only reason why i am writing an essay here is because i´ll have exams in one week and i hope that i can train with a nice discussion with more or less decent English here Original
Any1 need c-3 in fb if u have the page
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