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Full Version: CTF league- schedule and results.
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ULM TOMORROW 5 pm!! EXACTLY 5 !! ownish will be there! lets do it! finally! :twisted: :twisted:
ownish failure...
k waited long enough bb. its up to you guys to tell when you can play.. since your the one who can barely play.. say time ..
thanks again ownish...
Faith Wrote:thanks again ownish...

again he didn't show up?
YEA Devil
well. I have a solution for this ctf tourney. I won't decide it about myself. I want to know your opinion. As we see we have the problems with playing our matches. Especially with 2 teams: mine team and ownish&ulm. Coom is busy, ownish doesn't show up.

So i would like to kick from a tourney 2 ppl: coom and ownish.
So me and ulm don't have a partner, so we could create a team together. Ofc i would prefer 5 teams, but as we see it's impossible.

So 4 teams. Ofc matches which were played still counts. Ownish and ULm didn't play any match so there is not a problem.

Me and coom played one match but didn't finish it. We won't start it from the beggining. So me and ulm still have to finish a match vs krea and wild. Ulm just replace Coom.

First i have to know if ULM agree to play with me. I hope it's not a problem, as ownish signs up and don't play.

2nd i need to know opinion from another players.

yo Wink


seems that u didn´t make even 1 point Xd. I think we can win anyway, so i´m fine with ur idea.
Let´s beat them like hunter dogs (especially wild the sucker Heart).
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