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Full Version: a little joke about the probably most famous quote on th3eva
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didn't wanted to post this in the Picture and Video Topic, becuase thid is judt something different.
It's something unique and it's legendary. Probably i'll remember this in even 30 years =]

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What do you think about this?
& What do you think, will you remember about th3 in 30 years when you look back?
Esk8 Wrote:no
lol some of you say you won't remebmber.
you will Tongue
i'd say sad but true
rofl :lol: no
Old picture, blaq already made one in 2002.
Sayteam Wrote:
Esk8 Wrote:no

Facu i love your signature Laugh
lyst Wrote:Old picture, blaq already made one in 2002.

and wtf is this topic all about ? It is not funny lol? Might remember this 2days as biggest fail joke ever Tongue?
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