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Full Version: CTF league- Info topic.
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Hi Guys.

It’s a topic where we will talk about tourney, you will choose your partner, date the matches, and also inform us about your problems with playing the matches. I hope you will take this tourney seriously.
As you know we will play on 2 levels: Ap and Rio.
I’ve got a respond from 9players+me, so We’ve got 10players. We already have 2 teams so still 6 players have to decide about a partner as lottery didn’t win.

a) coom & shin
b) faith & fresh
c) Ownish & uLoveMe
d) Krea & Wild
e) David & Nvm

Players without team:

You have 5 days to choose your partner so 18th January 2012 is a deadline. I don’t want to kick anybody from this tourney so if you have problem with choosing your partner then PM with your proposition for a partner who isn’t on the list. If you won’t do it till end of 18 January then you are kicked. Plz ask each other in this topic so I can follow it.

It’s a league so you will play vs every team few times. It will be 5 cap without xtc and with one exception. When it’s 4:4 in a match you stop the game and both teams get 1 point. So Pointing system looks like that :

3 points for a win
1 point for a draw
0 points for a lose

If you don’t understand it, ask me here.

I will make a topic with schedule on Thursday or Friday. Still I need to know if we will get 5 teams and how many matches we should play.

If you have any questions, ask me here.

i asked ulm but he didnt reply
k, come on guys. Lets do this tour. (Y)
krea Wrote:i asked ulm but he didnt reply
looks like ulm will be with owni
yeah, yesterday ulm said he would play with ownish.
Come on guys. If you can't discuss about choosing your partner so how the fuck you wanna play the matches? As I know nvm wants to play with fg, asked him about 1 week ago and still didn't get an answer? so how you wanna date the matches?
I'm thinking about closing this tourney before it even started. Really. If you can't choose your partner, I guess you are all offline, and can't get each other. So that means for me that you are not available to play your matches.
fg gave me an answer, but he doesent know yet if hes gonna play in that tour
Nevermind Wrote:fg gave me an answer, but he doesent know yet if hes gonna play in that tour

wtf? are you kidding me?

I didn't send the message for fun. If he can't play so why did he replied me that he is an interested? I remember that he asked about what will happen when he would be offline for a some time, but it can happen for everyone of us. Anyway if he can't take things seriously as I asked, so i give up. Making something good for this community has no sense.
standart problem
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