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Full Version: Clan CTF Tourney - Vote On Rules
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Hello, 420 and I are starting a CTF Clan tourney. Obviously because one is needed and this so called "CZ Tour" seems to have died.


You will need a clan
You can enter up to 6 players (not 1, 3, 5)
It's a 2vs2 clan tourney
Just basic rules quickly written, I wanna get this started.

If you have 3 or 5 in clan etc I guess you can rotate so the other can play...
Also the first match if you have example 4 people entering for 1 clan, you will do 2vs2 (same clan) to split the clan for sign ups. We dont wants mko vs mko in final, that is just completely lame...

Suggest some custom rules...
I suggest you come up with something that will make sure this tour will work.
95% of the 2vs2 tours during the past 5 years have died.
You can come up with the coolest ideas like clan vs clan or ctf in different levels, but in the end it's still a 2vs2 tourney, with the problem that 4 people showing up at the same time is something that does not happen half of the times.
well, to solve this problem, I ve got an idea.

The only one idea is to allow access to the tourney to people who are trustable.
We have some experience about players who are.
wild, esk8, lyst, fat, nvm, ownz, ulm, (me :roll: ), goof,... are people who ALWAYS play their games in time.

That's the only way to finish tourneys.
lol thanks blueman.... and me?
dude !

You are one of the point of "..." (sombrero)
whoa i didn't know we were actually doing it bro thought we were just talkin about it first. also i think esk8 might already of had some plans for a ctf tourney.

SUGGESTION: i think it should be a set time and if there's a no show even 1 guy on a team, then other team auto-advances due to forfeiture.

BUT!!! i vote we finish the cz tourney first dudes.
ye sure, we have to finish cz tourney first.

About the one day tourney, I guess if you wait for ppl who are late or who doesnt show up, there will be many team who autoadvance.

We may be in final without playin one game (sombrero)
whole tourney will be won just by others forfeiting Tongue
that would be their loss. maybe it'd even prevent the no-showers from even joining? either way i can't wait! back in the day ctf tourneys were the shit and i hope we can get smth good happenin guys.
The problem is I can count on one hand the number of clans with more than one active guy. I know I wouldn't be joining a clan for this.
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