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Full Version: WCC: Team-Slap (preperations)
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WCC: Team-Slap
The rules of team-slap are simple. You'll play in teams of 2 persons versus 3 other teams. The slaps of your team is the amount of slaps of both players added. The team with the most slaps in the end wins. So if one of team got 15 and the other 2 (=17), they'll lose to a team which has 13 and 6 (=19). The amount of slaps don't count in case of draws or for the total score. So as soon as you've won, you can stop your combo. It'll be 30 secs slap with 4 teams. Ofcourse no mods/cheats are allowed that'll give you advantage in koth (balancehacks, ak off, ntb etc.)
You'll play 4 rounds (in 4 levels, see below). After these four rounds we will look at which team has won the most games.

Every team will pick 1 level. If the tour ends up in a draw, we'll play airport until the draw is no more. This means teams that lost at the normal rounds still have a chance to win in the airport rounds.

Since this tourney needs 8 people to be online at the same time, it'll be hard to find a good date. So could each teamleader post all days (monday-sunday) where they are available in normal situations. As soon we have a date picked we'll look for the best time and after that you'll need to tell who is going to play.

Tour A: MKO vs uT vs sep vs L0h
1. ?? 4 pts
2. ?? 3 pts
3. ?? 2 pts
4. ?? 1 pt
Tour B: Qc vs sK vs wTK vs XsT
1. ?? 4 pts
2. ?? 3 pts
3. ?? 2 pts
4. ?? 1 pt
mmm damn sk played vs xst now but we were only four. actually i think it wont be possible to get all 8 ppl in one server. so i think it would be better to play teamslap team vs team like the other games...
is there any one who really plays this tour? i think it's dead.
loh plays it and ut 2 i guess.
and mko , who is huge-owning-this-tour
Shizz Wrote:and mko , who are huge-owners

best post ever!

dont kno bout others but i can play everyday i guess.
soooo when is this going to start?
this 8 ppl shit at once aint workin how bout team vs team
same for koth
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