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Full Version: WCC: World Clan Championships 2010
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Which clan is the best at a certain game and which game is the best all around.
The tour will exist out of 5 different rounds:
2vs2 ctf (small league)
2vs2 cz (small league)
2vs2vs2vs2 teamkoth
2vs2vs2vs2 teamslap
2vs2 double improv

Each team can pick a lvl in each round, if there's a draw the next games will be played in airport until there is a winner.

In each round you can earn points, e.g. 1st = 20 pts, 2nd = 15 pts, 3rd = 10 pts and 4th = 5 pts. In the end all points will be added and there will be a best all around clan. NOTE: there will be no ranking points awarded, because not everyone is able to join.

You can only sign up as a clan and as you see you'll need at least 2 people in your clan to participate. Between the different rounds (which won't be held at 1 day) you can switch your team by picking other members from the clan (can not must).

Since there is only place for 4 clans in this tour, the best 4 clans of the signups will play the tour, if there is more interest I can do a similair tour for another 4 clans. Please make sure your clan has a solid base, we don't want clans in that last a few days/weeks and then ruin the tour.

You can sign up here:
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Small leauge means? :|
All clans play once vs eachother.
So each clan plays 3 matches.
Now the signups are closed, no one can be added anymore to a clan. Not everyone has to play, so it's no problem if someone who signed up, didn't play a match in the end.
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